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Now a days everyone seems to be on the move. We will re-design your website for easy mobile viewing. Most people have a mobile phone these days. If you want to reach busy people on the go you need your website accessible to them. If you want to control how your brand is viewed with smart phones, you have to get a proper mobile website. We can create one for you that will be efficient and help surfers to find the information they are looking for.

Mobile Websites are the way of the future

Did you know four mobile phones are sold for every PC that is sold? In today’s world, a phone is equal to a computer.  For many, a phone or tablet is a less expensive alternative to a computer, making it a better option.  When I go out on business meetings, I bring my tablet!  In fact, by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web Access device worldwide.
Are we ever disconnected? I use my Smart Phone for everything including my alarm clock, my calendar, email, phone, etc. It is never far away.  I know many people who tell me that before they go to sleep they check their phones, and the first thing they do when they wake up is check their phones.   91% of adults have their mobile device within arms reach 24/7.
Have you tried a Google search on your phone only to get frustrated by finding a website that is too big for your screen?  69% of adults use only mobile devices to access the Internet.  And that number is growing. How many people abandon looking at a website because it is not user friendly on their mobile device?   When someone is mobile, they’re expecting an entirely different experience from the one they’ll get on your standard website.
When a website is mobile, it is designed to fit on the screen of your phone or mobile device.  There is no need to use your fingers to manipulate the screen.  The information on a mobile site is designed to be brief.  The purpose is to have quick information about your business, directions to your office, easy accessibility to contact you through a click to phone, click to SMS, or click to email, and preferably an incentive to visit your business, like a coupon for mobile users.
The other incentive to having a mobile website is that Google knows when someone is doing a search on a mobile device.  When a search is done on a mobile device, Google automatically gives search-ranking preference to sites that are local and mobile.  This means that if you have a mobile site for your business, it automatically helps you in your search engine optimization! 

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